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About us          
The leading book company in the Middle East, CIEL is a fully serviced organization that deals with wholesale and distribution. Our company prides itself in always providing its customers with the all the latest titles in a number of languages and boasts an efficient delivery service.

  • By offering the best selection of books, CIEL will help grow your turnover.
  • CIEL helps improve your bookstore’s profits, by offering you a one-stop-shop to buy all your books. Not only are we saving you from administrative and logistics costs, but we also offer competitive discounts.
  • We prepare tailor-made catalogues to suit our customers’ needs and we send you recommendations, based on your preferences.
  • We like to keep our customers informed of all the latest updates and newest releases by sending you all the latest information on books that are in the news.

    • CIEL acts both as a wholesaler and a book distributor and we source books from 1500 suppliers in 30 countries.
    • Many Arab and international publishers have granted CIEL exclusive distribution rights in the Middle East.
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