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Karima Khalil Will Be Signing Her Book MESSAGES FROM TAHRIR in Virgin Downtown on Saturday July 2nd from 6 to 8 PM


One of the many striking things about Egypt's peaceful 25 January Revolution as seen in Cairo's Tahrir Square was the creativity and eloquence of the signs many protesters carried, ranging from the bitterly determined to the scathingly funny. Avid photographer Karima Khalil here gathers images of protesters signs, taken by herself and others from the first eighteen days of the revolution, showing their great variety: from the simple and repeated Irhal (''Leave''), written in a hundred different ways, to messages drawing on popular tradition, rhyming slogans, songs, puns, and jokes, as well as moving tributes to those killed by the security forces. Largely captured by protesters themselves, these images are a compelling visual record of a people in a unique historical moment.

Photographs capture fleeting moments and live on, preserving truth and human emotion.

This book chronicles the January 25 Revolution without text or theorizing; it presents the reality of what happened, changing Egypt and the whole Arab world. - Alaa Al Aswany, author, The Yacoubian Building


Astonishing and often deeply moving images from the frontline of one of the  most hopeful moments in modern history. -  William Dalrymple, author, From the Holy Mountain


A unique, collective, visual translation of the powerful poetics of Egypt's revolution, which galvanized the world with its determination, creativity, drama, and humor; these are memorable images that will forever be engraved in the histories of resistance. - Samia Mehrez, author, The Literary Atlas of Cairo


Egypt's 2011 revolution made Tahrir Square synonymous with dignified protest. Some of the most moving, most amusing, and most bizarre of the protesters' messages have been collected in this wonderful volume, bearing witness to a unique moment when a nation finally dared to dream a new beginning for itself. Anthony Sattin, author, A Winter On The Nile


Signs and words were all they had, no guns or weapons, just the will to hold their ground, holding signs. Only in a dream would that be enough to conquer oppression and injustice. Maybe that was what it was, a dream . . . written on signs. Bassem Youssef, the Bassem Youssef Show


The signs collected here reveal the bravery, diversity, resilience, and creativity that were the essence of those eighteen days in Tahrir. Through images largely taken by protesters themselves, Messages from Tahrir captures an unforgettable historical moment. Gigi Ibrahim, activist


Look carefully and you will see the reborn Egyptian phoenix in all the images, carrying the torch of change and tracing out the future in letters of light. Khaled el Khamissi


Karima Khalil, a medical doctor, lives in Cairo with her husband and daughter.


Thirty-six photographers contributed images to this book.
All royalties from the sale of Messages from Tahrir are donated to the Nadim Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence.

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