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Talking About Arabic (Dot Font)
By Mourad Boutros
Barcode: 9780979554667
Pub Date: 30/3/2009
Publisher: Thames & Hudson Ltd
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Type: ARTS
Category: DESIGN
Price $: 17
Publisher's List Price (GBP): 10

Mourad Boutros, author of Arabic for Designers, enlists his professional peers to examine the global context for Arabic design and typography.
The thematic thread that runs through every article, case study and illustration in
Talking About Arabic is how technological advances have furthered, and changed, the use of Arabic throughout the world, whether in print or online.

Detailed accounts of how advances in font technology have permitted digitized Arabic to accurately represent the Arabic calligraphic tradition provides a discourse for non-Arabic speakers to consider the language's cultural, religious and aesthetic issues in a 21st century context, including teaching Arabic in a global context, the development of contemporary Arabic fonts and multilingual Web design.

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